Return and Refund Policy

Effective as of the: 01-03-2019


  1. Statement of Cottro

We at Cottro are aspiring to bring you the best possible services at the best rates. You are to find hand-picked collections of products which are available at our website. Our goal is for users to have an easy, risk-free and enjoyable experience with our online order and delivery system, to be amazed by the great quality products offered and share our goal of helping you find the perfect products for you utilizing our Website. We believe that with the wide assortment of products available via Cottro Website, you can truly find the perfect gift or item you desire or wish to order as a present for family, friends or loved ones.


  1. Specifications of Certain Products

Cottro warrants for the precision of depicted descriptions and the empiric correctness which may be displayed in the offer we display on our Website. However, due to varying personal and/or performance settings of mobile or static computer displays, Cottro cannot, and finds it unreasonable as a seller, to warrant for the precision of the displayed color or texture on the photographs displaying the products which are sold on the Website. Cottro will take no responsibility for the incorrect color or texture choice due to the performance or personal settings of buyers’ displays, but will offer a return or exchange in case it had displayed incorrect specifications on the Website tied to your product. No further liability is to be expressly or implicitly taken by Cottro.


  1. Cancellation Policy
- No cancellation if more than 2 hours have passed.

Upon purchasing any set of products and/or services with Cottro, all sales shall be considered final with no cancellations on any orders further being possible. Buyers have the right to Returns and Refunds in accordance with the appropriate sections of this Return, Refund and Shipment Policy.


  1. Shipping Policy
  • 4.1 Shipping Methods

The Service shall ship the products in accordance with the shipping method available prior to Order Checkout. In the case of in-state delivery, the Buyer shall have the right to choose between the national registered couriers. In the case that the place of delivery is abroad and the products require international shipping, the User shall receive the shipment via the preferred shipping provider chosen prior to or during Checkout. Shipping is billed separately from the Price of the Ordered Product, and the Buyer shall pay the balance of the shipping fees applicable for shipment and handling. Shipping prices shall apply to both in-state and international shipping, unless expressly stated otherwise by the Service. The estimated time of delivery shall be included in the shipping options’ description.

  • 4.2 Transfer of Risk

The Service’s Point of Delivery is the designated Courier’s Premises. As of the moment of delivery to the Courier’s Premises, the Buyer shall take all risks of damage to the delivery. Our liability is limited by providing the ordered goods to the preferred method of shipment you have chosen (delivery to the Courier’s Premises). If your order has been lost resulting from the shipment or transfer of goods, please contact the postal courier service handling the delivery of the order to you.

  • 4.3 Import and Taxation

The Buyer shall have sole responsibility for all import formalities. The Buyer shall bear all possible Taxation costs, if taxes in accordance with governing law are applicable. All products and services offered through the Service are inclusive of VAT.


  1. Return Policy
  • 5.1 Eligibility for Returns

The Service shall accept returns of products, provided that the products are: (a) Damaged or Faulty, or (b) A wrong order has been sent. All orders may be returned in store, or via a postal courier sent to the Service’s Return Address stated above Returns of Personalized products is not possible. We shall accept returns of personalized products in the case the products are damaged or defective.

  • 5.2 Return Procedure

The Buyer shall fill in a Return Request inclusive of photos of Damaged or Faulty Goods. The Service shall, afterwards, approve or deny the right to Return the product.

  • 5.3 Exchange or Refund

Products which fill the criteria for a Refund may be Exchanged with: (a) the Same product in another shipment delivered to the Buyer, (b) other Products in another shipment delivered to the Buyer, or the Buyer may request a Refund. The chosen method of exchange of the Buyer shall be stated in the Return Request sent to the Service.


  1. Refund Policy
  • 6.1 Refund Criteria

The Service shall refund all orders, which have fulfilled the criteria for a Refund as per Subsection 6.2. of this Policy. If you have paid using a credit/debit card, a refund/exchange will be processed at the till point. If you have chosen another method of payment, such as Apple Pay or PayPal, the Service send your order back to our distribution center on your behalf so the transaction can be reversed, or your order can be exchanged and resent back out to you.

  • 6.2 Refund Amount

The Service shall Refund the full nominal value of the Order as of the day of placing the order by the Buyer in a manner consistent with Subsection 7.1 of this Policy.


  1. Defaults by parties
  • 7.1 Introduction

A Party to this agreement shall be considered in default with providing payments if: (a) the Party, whose payment is due did not balance the payment after 3 days of such due date, or (b) the Party, whose payment is due did not provide any payment information and has begun with receiving Product(s) or Service(s) from the Service, or whose payment was rejected by the Party’s respective payment processor. For the purposes of this document, a “Payment Processor” is a bank or other financial institution handling the payment on the Party’s behalf.

  • 7.2 How we deal with defaults

The Parties agree that they shall pay all due amounts towards the Service within 3 days of notification by the Service, that a certain payment is due. The Service may include interest with any due unpaid payments on your behalf.

  • 7.3 Contact Us

The Service shall do its best to contact and inform any Party in default with possible consequences of defaulting in their payment. In cases of any doubts as to the applicable due dates or the measures taken into consideration by the Service, please contact the Service at the Service’s Customer Support e-mail or Facebook chat.